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Soviet-style concrete apartment buildings and industrial developments ring towns and cities, with older-style homes and apartment buildings closer in. Educational and administrative facilities are dispersed in the major cities. Streets are wide, and often cobbled, and public parks, gardens, and playgrounds abound.

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  • They require consideration and material support from their men.
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  • Since 1997 the Bulgarian government has acknowledged Macedonian as a separate language.
  • Nowhere in the report was the subject of women entrepreneurs or managers discussed.
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Since 1997 the Bulgarian government has acknowledged Macedonian as a separate language. Many Bulgarians, however, continue to consider Macedonians as Bulgarians, and the find more at existence of a Macedonian minority within Bulgaria is generally denied. Bulgarian national identity is premised on the understanding that the Bulgarian nation was formed with a distinctive ethnic identity during the Middle Ages . This identity, preserved throughout Ottoman rule, formed the basis for an independent nation-state. The history of the struggle for a Bulgarian state provides key symbols of national identity. Another premise is that ethnic and territorial boundaries should overlap. This has led at times to territorial conflicts with neighboring states.

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Mosque restoration and rebuilding began after 1989 in Muslim areas. Traditional houses in villages and towns are archetypally wooden, surrounded by high fences and with latticed windows. National Revival period houses are brightly painted with second floors projecting out over the street. Dwellings, whether apartments or traditional houses, are very much private spaces, with interiors hidden from public view and often decorated in highly individual manners. There is both official and popular concern regarding the human rights (especially the right to ethnic self-determination) of Bulgarians living in neighboring states, particularly Serbia and Macedonia.

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Bulgarians count as kin relatives by blood and marriage on both the male and female sides. Rather than formal structures, kindreds tend to be informal networks of relatives.

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Most ethnic Bulgarians belong to the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, though there are small numbers of Muslims , Protestants, and Roman Catholics. Most Turks and many Gypsies are Muslim, while some are Christian. In Bulgaria, both Orthodox Christianity and Islam incorporate some pagan beliefs and rituals. Among the Pomaks and Gypsies, Christian and Islamic beliefs and practices often coexist. Other religions include Judaism, Armenian Orthodox Christianity, and a variety of Protestant churches and sects. In ethnically-mixed areas, it is considered polite to greet a neighbor or acquaintance in that person’s own language. On the street or in other public places, strangers will usually avoid making eye contact.

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In principle, both men and women own property such as land, buildings, and animals, and inheritance is partible (i.e., property is divided among all heirs rather than going to a single heir). In practice, some heirs may be disinherited or may receive more land than their siblings, and daughters may inherit less land than sons. The latter is sometimes explained in terms of the often large dowries of household goods and sometimes land or livestock that women take into marriage.

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